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Golden Drools Newfoundlands

About Golden Drools

Breeder Viivi Ala-Könni

Golden Drools is a small Finnish Kennel Club registered breeder located in Vantaa, Finland. We are

new to breeding but luckily we have a lot of wonderful people around us who help us in this new journey.

Our goal is to produce sound Newfoundland dogs that meet the breed standard.

Dogs' health and biological feeding is important to me and it is strongly reflected in our

everyday life. I don't promise the best, but I promise to try my best.


Our Story

When I was little, I dreamed of my own big teddy bear. I knew I wanted one for myself someday. I called them "muffe" because I didn't know the breed then. When I finally got my first newfie in my arms, my heart skipped a beat with happiness. There he was at last!

I then became more interested in the health of our breed and began to study the subject independently. Now I want to try my best to move our breed forward and that's why we now have kennel Golden Drools

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